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The 180 Degree Club is a non-profit organization formulated to provide a clean, welcoming and comforting space for 12-Step Recovery groups.  It is also a social gathering place for individuals in recovery along with their friends and family members.  Recovery anniversary dates are regularly celebrated at the  Club.  Located in downtown Hyattsville, Maryland just minutes from the Washington, DC line and right across from the Hyattsville Court House, the 180 Degree Club is located near a variety of shops and other attractions.

Our doors are open to all who are in search of a new and better way of life.  The180 Degree Club has morning and evening meetings daily. We also have nightly meetings and meetings before and after the meetings.  Are experience has shown that "Meeting Makers Make It". 

Our Friday night Game Night is one of our hottest attractions where patrons of the Club play board games, cards, music and enjoy tasty pot luck meals.  The Club provides refreshments such as hot and cold beverages and recovery literature at a cost.  Smoking and pets are not allowed in the Club.

Service at The 180 Degree Club

There are many ways to become involved in service at the Club.   From making coffee or becoming the Chairperson of a meeting to serving as a member of the 180 Club Board.  Just ask the Chairperson of any meeting  how you can be of service or attend a Board meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 1:30 PM.  As a member of the Board, you'll gain firsthand experience in consensus-building, business operations,  carrying the message and what it means to get "into action".  Officers positions are available to those who Chair meetings for at least one year and who are current on their membership dues.

The 180 Degree Club Membership

Become a card-carrying member and support the Club.  Membership dues at the Club are $5.00 per month, $25.00 for 6 months or $50 per year.