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Is back The fun begins 9:30 PM and goes until 2:00AM!  Whist, Bid Whist, Spades, Hearts, Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, etc.  Think you can't have a good time without alcohol?  Drop in & check out one of these Friday parties to learn otherwise. 


1:30 pm every third Saturday of the month at the 180 Club. Address is 4318 Hamilton St., Hyattsville, Maryland . All are welcome.

BACK TO BASICS     12 Steps in 4 Weeks      Held every odd month of the year!!! An Alcoholics Anonymous beginners workshop based on a method developed in the 1940s by the founders of AA that produced a 75% recovery rate.  Designed to help newcomers & their sharing partners (sponsors) work all 12 steps in FOUR SESSIONS.  Bring a partner or come and we'll help you find one there.  It works if you work it!!
Saturday at 7:00 AM

Fourth Step Workshop      Held every 4th Saturday from 3:00PM-4:30PM
During the months of February, May, August, and November

Anniversary Celebrations

March–April 2019

11th Step Group
180 4/7/2019 8:30 AM 10 Yrs.
Sarah P. 180 4/9/2019 7:00 PM 3 Yrs.
Rich M. 180 4/18/2019 7:00 PM 5 Yrs.
Michaelle W. 180 4/18/2019 7:00 PM 17 Yrs.
Derrick N. 180 4/19/2019 8:30 PM 7 Yrs.
Odyssey G. 180 4/20/2019 8:30 PM 16 Yrs.
John R. 180 4/23/2019 5:30 PM 1 Yr.
Earline Glenarden 3/17/2019 8:30 PM 25 Yrs.
David P. Old Branch Ave.
3/17/2019 7:30 PM 35 Yrs.
Keisha W. GBSC 3/19/2019 10:00 AM 10 Yrs.
Shirley P. Glenarden 4/18/2019 8:00 PM 30 Yrs.