AA Conference Call Meeting Protocol
Dial brigde number: 773-231-9226   Passcode: 7758106795

Chair:Thank you for joining our AA conference call meeting.I will open with the Serenity Prayer and will designate one person to close the meeting with the Lordís Prayer to cut down on the distortion of everyone speaking at the same time.

At this time the as Chair, I will now mute all callers star 5 (*5) and ask that you remain on mute unless you wish to share.

(Need to decide if you are going to do all of the usual readings such as the Preamble, How It Works, and Acceptance. )

In this format, going forward, we asked that you not announce yourself when you join the conference call.

Callers wishing to share should use Star 9 (*9) to raise their hand.

We ask that everyone who is not speaking put their phones on mute by hitting star 6 (*6).In order to share, press star 6 (*6) to unmute.Once you have finished sharing press star 6 (*6) again to mute yourself.

To help facilitate the meeting we will not do our usual greeting of acknowledging the individual who says his/her name to share, nor will we say thanking you for sharing when they have concluded speaking.

If this is a literature based meeting, we have the chair or one designated person to read the appropriate text.We asked everyone to limit their sharing to 3 minutes so that more individuals have the opportunity to share.

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